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    Computer Science

    Awesome service! Was totally confused about the SOP and had so many other things to take care of. Essayer did a great job, got 8 admits. Yay! Would definately recommend essayer!


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    Frequently asked questions

    What is University research?
    Our writing service price includes one generic copy of the SOP that can be submitted to any University, and one specialised and focused copy of the SOP which targets one University. Optionally, you can request more universities research at an extra cost. Contact us at
    What are the payment options?
    We process all major Indian credit and debit cards including American Express. If you are using a non-Indian card please contact us at
    How fast can i get my SOP?
    Our usual turnaround times are within 5 business days. But this also depends on other factors like how quick you are with your responses and scheduling sessions.

    A focused and genuine Statement of Purpose is one of the simplest ways to increase your chances of admissions and scholarships

    Crafting a Statement

    A Statement of Purpose is the one document which helps you speak directly to the admissions committee. Nothing comes closer to being that important

    • A Theme

      This is one of the foremost elements of your SOP. It is its soul and substance. It is supposed to take the reader through your intent and purpose to pursue your Masters / Ph.D or whichever advanced degree you are applying for.

    • Flow of Thought

      People have so many ideas to put in, so many things that they want to convey, that in the end, they make a hash of things. You tend to jump from your motivation during your childhood and suddenly link it to what happened sometime during your working days.

    • Clarity of Thought

      This element dictates how well you can express your thoughts to the person reading your SOP. This interacts, combines and encapsulates a lot of other elements, for e.g., the theme, the flow and the precise nature of your writing.

    • Precise Writing

      Precise writing is exactly what the name says it is. Keep it sweet and simple. Do not ramble on and on. Your SOP reviewer on the admissions committee is definitely not interested in knowing what you did during school.

    Universities are looking for personalities and not just scores

    Focusing on your Statement of Purpose is the best favor you could do to yourself short of acing the exams and scores. A great Statement of Purpose will place you up quite a few notches in the admissions ladder.

    • Grammatical Correctness

      Many people tend to think that they are being grammatically correct and many mistakes go unnoticed. This happens when you keep reading and re-reading your own SOP. You tend to overlook a lot of small mistakes that can be easily caught by another person who does not share the same mindset.

    • Sentence Formation

      The attention span of the human mind is too short. If you ramble on, the mind forgets what is the beginning before it reaches the end. And that does not bode well for you. When you go through so many SOPs, your mind is trained to notice the good parts and the bad parts.

    • Peer Review

      Select 3-4 people (or even less) who you think are better than you in different areas, someone in your technical area of specialization, another person who has a better command over English than you have and a totally unrelated person who has nothing to do with your field.