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Thinking back on the crazy journey of trying to get an admit in a foreign university, it amazes me that i could actually come out victorious in spite of all the hassles and loops one has to jump through.

Having the advantage of hindsight now, i can certainly say it's been worth every bit. The whole journey teaches you a lot and the experiences of getting to know another culture, different ways of life is magical. You pretty much become a kid again, taking it all in every day, looking and wondering about things from a whole new perspective. It's certainly something everyone should experience.

Looking back at the whole process of admissions and wondering how it would have been easier for myself, or what could i have done better that would have bought a greatest benefit with minimal effort. The one thing that struck me was how much i underestimated the value of a statement of purpose!

Its the one document which helps you speak directly to the admissions committee. Nothing comes closer to being that important

It's only after you are on the other side that you realize that it's a missed opportunity.

Usually this is what students do to get their SOP:

Trust me, the admissions committee can see through all of the above, its imperative that you are genuine, clear and concise. I know it's hard because india is a world away and we are bought up in a certain way and there is the cultural aspect of chalta hai.

Universities abroad are looking for personalities and not just scores. Focusing on your statement of purpose is the best favor you could do to yourself short of acing the exams and scores. A great statement of purpose will place you up quite a few notches in the admissions ladder.

We know we could have chosen to solve any other problem in the foreign admissions process, but we choose to solve the most neglected and the most overlooked one of them all. Crafting an awesome statement of purpose

How Essayer Helps?

We are always looking to hire bright students who have used our services as editors once they get their admits! It's our way of helping create a positive cycle that benefits everyone involved and helps diffusing the knowledge amongst the community of upcoming batches

Let Essayer help you with crafting an awesome Statement of purpose